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NGO Non government organization and details about their activities in Bangladesh. Povery eliviation, micro credit, health, sanitation etc.
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Bangladesh Labour Welfare Foundation (BLF) - [Views:717]
Bangladesh Labour Welfare Foundation (BLF) is a non-government; non-profit; non-partisan organization represents the interest of the working people in Bangladesh.

CDP-Coastal Development Partnership - [Views:674]
Coastal Development Partnership (CDP) is a not-for-profit, public private partnership, environmental activist org. in Bangladesh.

Polli Paribash Unnyan Sangstha - [Views:743]
Md.Ajam Ali Executive Director Thikanar Bazar,Rajpur, Lalmonirhat Phone:01757715659,01719002980,01719514359

Surjodoy Somaj Unnayan Foundation - [Views:780]
Greeting form SSUFSurjodoy Somaj Unnayan Foundation (SSUF) is a non-profit organization of Bangladesh. We are working for poor and ultra poor people of remote area of Bangladesh,

Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI) - [Views:733]
BYEI is the leading youth-based org working towards an economically and environmentally sustainable Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh NGO Foundation - Send Email
The Government of the Peoplesí Republic of Bangladesh has established Bangladesh NGO Foundation to support the NGOs, with a view to associate the Non-Governmental Organizations. - More info++
[Visits: 126367]-[History] [Comments 0]

Bangladesh Rural Improvement Fund (BRIF) - Send Email
Through community development BRIF endeavors to raise the socio-economic condition of numerous disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in northern Bangladesh. - More info++
[Visits: 114400]-[History] [Comments 0]

ASA - Send Email
ASA has emerged as one of the largest and most efficient Microfinance Institution (MFI) in the world and has been working relentlessly to assist the poor since its inception in 1978. - More info++
[Visits: 112072]-[History] [Comments 0]

United Nations Information Centre - Send Email
United Nations Information Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh - More info++
[Visits: 112037]-[History] [Comments 0]

United Nations in Bangladesh - Send Email
The UN Country Team in Bangladesh comprises all UN agencies based in Dhaka including: UNDP, UNICEF, WFP, UNFPA, UNESCO, WHO, ILO and including the wider UN family, the World Bank, IOM and IMF. - More info++
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Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) - Send Email
An independent, non-profit, non-government, policy, research, and implementation institute working on sustainable development (SD) at local, national, regional and global levels. - More info++
[Visits: 107824]-[History] [Comments 0]

Care Programs Bangladesh - Send Email
CARE works with poor communities in more than 70 countries around the world to find lasting solutions to poverty. - More info++
[Visits: 99664]-[History] [Comments 0]

Society for Social Studies (SSS) - Send Email
The Organization was established to achieve a mandate of establishment of a society of economically self reliant, environmentally sound, socially peaceful and democratically empowered. - More info++
[Visits: 70797]-[History] [Comments 0]

Grameen - Send Email
Provides credit to the poorest of the poor in rural Bangladesh without any collateral. - More info++
[Visits: 62379]-[History] [Comments 0]

Grameen Foundation - Send Email
This is a website of Grameen Foundation under Grameen bank. Catagories- Video Room, Online information, etc. - More info++
[Visits: 61800]-[History] [Comments 0]

Action aid bangladesh - Send Email
It is committed to change the capacities of people and groups whose rights have been denied and violated in attaining justice and a life of dignity. - More info++
[Visits: 16402]-[History] [Comments 0]

The Bangladesh Development Research Center (BDRC) - Send Email
The Bangladesh Development Research Center (BDRC) is a nonprofit research organization, incorporated and based in the United States of America. - More info++
[Visits: 8414]-[History] [Comments 0]

Brac - Send Email
BRAC works with people whose lives are dominated by extreme poverty, illiteracy, disease and other handicaps. - More info++
[Visits: 7895]-[History] [Comments 0]

Noakhali Rural Devlopment Society - Send Email
Noakhali Rural Development Society - NRDS is a non-profit organization, working in the greater Noakhali region of southeastern coastal part of Bangladesh. - More info++
[Visits: 6669]-[History] [Comments 0]

Odhikar - Send Email
It develops a system of standard documentation of all human rights issues and abuses in Bangladesh. - More info++
[Visits: 6448]-[History] [Comments 0]

Shahjahan Foundation - Registered Charity in UK, - Send Email
Make a Difference In the Life of a Child in Bangladesh. - More info++
[Visits: 5253]-[History] [Comments 0]

Ahsania Mission Zakat Fund - Send Email
Ahsania Mission Zakat Fund. Pay your zatak with us. - More info++
[Visits: 5160]-[History] [Comments 0]

Unnayan Ngo - Send Email
The Innovators/ Unnayan Onneshan, an independent NGO registered. The Innovators works in the search for solutions to endemic poverty, injustice, gender inequality and environmental degradation at the local, national and global levels. - More info++
[Visits: 5132]-[History] [Comments 0]

USAID Bangladesh - Send Email
It is committed to improve living conditions, promote a free and democratic life and helping in times of disasters. - More info++
[Visits: 4827]-[History] [Comments 0]

Families for Children - Send Email
It is a private, non profit, nonsectarian agency operating homes that care for hundreds of destitute children and women in India and Bangladesh. - More info++
[Visits: 4665]-[History] [Comments 0]

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