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Real estate & land development companies in Bangladesh. Land developers, housing companies, buildings and other service. Residential plots. Purbachal Land Sale. Dhaka Land Sale.
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Bestway Group
Bestway Group is not just a regular business venture which is actually a promoter of good living.
http://  [244]

Rpcl bd
Redeem Purbachal City Ltd is your breathing space, a residential project, brings to you tranquil living. The project stands in a serene natural hub. Plots for sale at purbachal  [174]

MNS Properties Ltd.
MNS Properties Ltds Long Bay Hotel the perfect choice for business, romance and holiday travel. Make your every move easy in Coxs Bazar by staying with us.  [507]

Bondhan Living Limited
Bondhan Living Limited is involved in Real Estate Marketing Development and Construction Company since 2010. It is a combination of product and service oriented company.  [606]

East West Property Development (Pvt.) Ltd. Bashundhara Group
East West Property Development (Pvt.) Ltd. is the flagship company of Bashundhara Group, which was founded in 1987 to address the ever increasing housing needs of the citizens in Dhaka.  [8202]

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East West Property Development (Pvt.) Ltd. Bashundhara Group
East West Property Development (Pvt.) Ltd. is the flagship company of Bashundhara Group, which was founded in 1987 to address the ever increasing housing needs of the citizens in Dhaka.
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Bestway Foundation
Real Estate company in Bangladesh. Bestway believes its customers to get benefited. Most popular private land development project near Purbachal Model Town.
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Purbachal Regent Town
An exclusive residential zone with all facility for all class of dwellers with own identity. It is located adjacent to the RAJUK purbachal new town.
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Plots and real estate project near Purbachal New Town of Rajuk. Reliable land development company.
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Swadesh Properties
Sunvalley Housing has opened a new horizon of prospect for you. We are developing housing projects in and around Dhaka city.
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Ashiyan City
Ashiyan Land development, get all the facilities for a better and comfortable lifestyle for you and as well as your future generation.
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Tanin Group Bangladesh
Countrys reputed Industrial Unit present TANIN KUNJA HOUSING PROKALPA, a Ready Planned Residential Area within Protection Boundary Wall based on its original Industrial Developed Land in Dhaka city D&D project.
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Hyperion Builder
Kuakata, sonali dip land project
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Ocean City Ltd
Land project at Kuakata and Coxs Bazar of Bangladesh. Both places are sea beach towns and major tourist destination.
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Eastern Housing
One of the premiere private land development and housing companies in bangladesh.
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Rajuk Dhaka - Plots
Plots, lands, residential housing project by the Bangladesh Government. The most sought after housing portal & projects.
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Bashundhara East West Property Development
Bashundhara East West Property Development is a major land developer in private sector of Bangladesh.
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Probashi Palli
It is a life time golden opportunity to make investment in the River View Probashi Palli. It is located close to the RAJUK Purbachal Project.
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Boshudha Builders
Boshudha builders developing apartments, shops, commercial and residential projects. Kuakata city.
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Sagufta Group - Land Plots
SAGUFTA Group has been growing steadily since 1995 as one of the Bangladeshs leading Housing Company. Land Projects. Apartment Projects. Electronics. Cosmetics.
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Century Group
Real estate land developer with land project Kuakata Beach Tourist City.
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Bangladesh Development Company Ltd
East, West, North, South and New Towns are unique projects of BDC to meet the acute housing crisis by building satellite towns which will encompass not only needs but also all other facilities that are required for modern living.
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Mohammadi Housing Ltd
A housing and land development company in Bangladesh. Nabi Nagar, Madani Nagar, Gulshan-E-Mohammadi.
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Purbachal shikder royal city
shikder royal city one of the best city in purbachal.
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Goldman Assets
Roseland City. Gold Man Assets Ltd. is undertaking both Land Development and Apartment Development Projects simultaneously.
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